Monday, August 13, 2007

RRC#8: Retro Wobbles But It Won't Fall Down Round Up

Cross-posted at FoodMaven by this round's host, Rachel.

Fruittart didn't use a recipe but made these retro Jell-O parfaits.

The originator of the retro recipe round up, Laura Rebecca made Coconut Custard

Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once made this elegant Port Wine Jelly.

Simone (aka Xiao Zhu)of Curiously Ravenous made this kitschy Lime Fluff

Sarina Nicole at made this Spiced Orange Mold .

I loved hosting this event and couldn't resist the opportunity to make a homemade version of the '60s era discontinued, cult favorite Jell-O 1-2-3.


Carla said...

Any ideas on when the next challenge will be?

Anonymous said...

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